NDM declared 16 Members Central committee

boby hazzaz
DHAKA, Jan 12, 2017 (BN)  [Press release] –  Nationalist Democratic movement (NDM) had a emergency meeting on 11th January, Wednesday preside by chair Boby Huzzaj the party chairman. In the meeting NDM central and district –sub district (upazila) committee formation root level workers meeting and also their work plan movement will  monitoring & schedule also visit by party chairman had settled   on discussion.
Yesterday central committees 16 members are select & declared for the post by the forum members discussion Include Secretary general A.T,M golam mawla chawdhary.     These are as follows: 1.    Mr. Enayet kabir, Vice-chair 2.    Mr. Abu Sayed- Vice-Chair 3.    Mr. Abdullah Mohd. Taher- joint-secretary 4.    Lucky Hussion- Joint-secretry 5.    Sayeda Sadia Mehzabin- organizing secretary 6.    ATM Momtazul Karim- organizing secretary 7.     Nizam Mohammed Uddin- Organizing secretary  8.    Amirul Islam(Nayan murad) Press & publication sec. 9.    Nurul Kader Chawdhury- Social welfare sec. 10.     Nuruzzaman Hira-  joint-organizing sec.  11.     Zahirul islam-  Joint-organizing sec 12.    Harun Ar Rashid-  Joint Organizing sec. 13.     Abdullah Al Mamun- joint- labor welfare  affairs sec. 14.     Maolana Nurul Kader Siddiqque- joint- religion affairs sec  15.     Khaled Emtiaz Rahman- joint-sports affairs sec. 16.     S. K Seam Ali- Exertive Member   Sum up the emergency meeting secretary general  urges the values of the party movement profession & social status also political capability conceders these selection of the central committee approval by the NDM party chairman Boby Hazzaj.   Shapner Desh’s campain Manager Mominul appoints as Special assistant to  Party chairmen.   Kazi Lutful Kabir Chief media & Public relations.NDM

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