Vegetable farming helps char people overcome financial insolvency

DHAKA, Dec 23, 2016 (BN) – Farmers in char (riverbed) areas in Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj  districts are making profit by cultivating winter vegetables.

The farmers were seen involved in large-scale commercial vegetable farming in char areas in two districts to overcome their financial insolvency.

Many of the farmers are cultivating cauliflower, cabbage, potato, brinjal, bottle guard, tomato and onion.

In addition to homestead gardening, the farmers cultivated vegetables on more lands this year than previous years as climatic condition remains favourable despite a little bit high price of some inputs like fertilizer and seed, according to a report by BN.

After meeting the local demands the surplus vegetables are being supplied to different parts of the country including Dhaka benefiting the consumers in general.

Chars emerging in the rivers of Padma and Mohananda are bringing fortune to many farmers in Paba, Godagari and Bagha upazilas of Rajshahi and Sadar and Shibganj upazilas of Chapainawabganj districts during the last few years.

Hundreds of farmers in the two districts are now very happy as deposit of alluvial silt in the char areas have given them an opportunity to cultivate various crops and vegetables in their fields, said Fazlur Rahman, additional director of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).

All varieties of winter vegetables have now appeared in abundance in the local markets and the yield rates achieved so far are found to be higher than that of the target due to early farming of the vegetables.

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